Yarrow Essential Oil

About Yarrow Essential Oil

Yarrow has been humanity’s favorite since ancient times, and it has been an integral part of traditional medicine. Even today, in modern medicine, its flowering part is used for medical purposes. It was also used as a health booster or health tonic when mixed with alcohol in Europe. Its fragrance is green fresh, and woody similar. This oil is highly potent for treating multiple ailments. For example, it’s a potent essential oil for treating skin problems. Its leaves are also used in salads and dressings.

Benefits of Yarrow Essential oil

Yarrow essential oil is a potent anti-inflammatory agent. It helps in many ways let it be a toothache or a cut, menstrual problem, or digestion issues. In short, it is widely used in treating multiple ailments. It is also beneficial in treating the common cold, flu, cough, and respiratory tract-related issues. In addition, it was traditionally used for headaches, hot flashes, urinary tract infections, among others.

It is effective in treating skin wounds and cuts with topical application. Furthermore, it has shown significant improvement in cuts and wounds during lab tests on rats; hence, it scientifically proved it helps heal wounds.

It is also used in cosmetics and skincare products as a natural cleanser. Its extract is used in shampoos as well. When it comes to skin, you can’t afford to deny the benefits of natural skincare solutions. Well, yarrow essential oil helps your skin look younger and more transparent while working as a good moisturizer.

It helps in blood circulation and removes toxins from the body. It can help control uric acid, which is why it’s a good cure for arthritis and rheumatism. It helps to remove toxins by making you sweat; perspiration is one good way for this oil to help your body detoxify. Since it helps in sweat, it is equally good in bringing down fever.

Its antiseptic properties make it potent for preventing fungal, bacterial, and viral infections. In addition, it helps in eliminating germs not from your body but from surfaces as well. You can add a few drops of yarrow essential oil and dab in cotton on your kitchen towel to achieve germ-free surfaces.

It also helps relax muscle spasms, and it works on your nervous system to release tension in your muscles. It may also help in countering hiccups because of its anti-spasmodic properties. It helps in overcoming muscle spasms. It also helps relieve fluctuance and help recover loss of appetite. 

Yarrow leaves have been used in treating toothache. In ancient times it was recommended to chew leaves as it helps in fighting gingivitis. Its essential oil can be equally suitable for maintaining oral hygiene.

It is better than store-bought ointments to treat scars and marks. Yarrow essential oil’s natural anti-mark and anti-scar properties make it ideal for adding in balm. This balm will not only help you in treating faults or imperfections, but it will also help in removing blemishes and pimples. Yarrow essential oil is also used in many modern skin ointments.

If you struggle with irregular periods, this can be your savior to make your cycle right on date. However, there is another value-added plus to this, and it also helps in easing menstrual cramps and fluctuance. It also helps in preventing early menopause, so you stay younger with Yarrow.

It also helps maintain the endocrinal secretion of hormones and enzymes, making it practical to tone your body. While it helps in excreting toxins out of your body, it also helps in aiding sleep. This wonder oil can help you sleep better. It all depends on how you plan to use or apply yarrow essential oil.

This oil is top-rated in treating bleeding as it has homeostatic properties, making it a potent cure for bleeding. However, it is important to use essential oil safely under the supervision of your healthcare provider. In addition, although Yarrow essential oil helps maintain blood pressure, it shouldn’t be used for a prolonged period.

How you can use Yarrow essential oil

Before starting working on essential oils, one must understand the many ways essential oils enter your body. How you plan to store your essential oil impacts your oil’s potency and quality. Moreover, one must understand the application of essential oil is different for different purposes. It can be through steam, vaporizer, humidifier, base, or carrier oils.

Tips and tricks

You can mix a few drops of Yarrow essential oil to any of your favorite carrier oil like jojoba, olive oil, sweet almond, or sesame oil as per your preferences to help to ease digestive issues. It can also help you with varicose veins. You can also add 1tsp of Yarrow essential oil to 2tsp of black seed oil, rub it on swollen ankles or painful joints.

Add a few drops of Yarrow essential oil to a cotton ball, put it over gums for a few minutes to soothe toothache.

Make your sitz bath to treat urinary tract infections and irregular periods. All you have to do is add 10-12 drops of Yarrow essential oil to the hot water tub. Then, soak in yourself for 20 to 30 minutes.

Or you can add a few drops to your diffuser to make a soothing, calming ambiance.

This oil blends perfectly well with other essential oils like neroli, lavender, cypress, black pepper, bay, grapefruit, among others. What fits you better and, most importantly, which combination pleases and relaxes your senses is up to you.

Word of caution

All in all, this excellent oil is highly multi-functional, and its benefits are undeniable but make sure to check with your therapist or care provider. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid using essential oils. When it comes to essential oils, no one size fits all. Your skin might react differently to different oils. Make sure to run a small patch test to avoid any possible skin reaction.

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