Blending Essential Oils

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Blending Essential Oils

The mutualistic blending of essential oil is the most enthusiastic aromatherapy application. However, many people ask why we blend essential oils instead of using them individually? To explain this, we want to observe how the implementation arises and its theoretical evidence and basis.

The initial guide of aromatics used in the mixture can be discovered in Egypt’s earliest drug-making around 1500 BCE. The gum resins myrrh and frankincense.

An old Chinese remedy, they are repeatedly authorized to treat inflammation and blood stagnation. It is tough to indicate one without the other; they have become related in the mutual psyche.

Modern research has committed what the past Chinese and Egyptian therapists observed that this mash-up of aromatics has more substantial medicinal effects than each could utilize on its own. This fact is often referred to as coaction.

Essential Oils – Nature Gift to Humans

Essential oils gift us with an aromatic apothecary rich in remedies and charm for all phases of our lives, and this is a fantastic fact. Living souls have always discovered around them several herbs that can heal therapy from the earth.

But we stay in a precisely precious time because we can judge around the global village and gain a great variety of aromatic essential oil extract from curing plants worldwide. And today, we have a large selection to pick from, never before accessible to us.

Essential oils are extracted from herbs, trees, roots, flowers, fruits, grasses, and shrubs. The oil is concentrated in various parts of the plant.

Magical Effects of Blending Essential Oils

Each oil has its own therapeutic and other effects. Studies have verified centuries of knowledge using the plant extracted essential oils. We presently know that the aromatic pharmacy carries the necessary anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antirheumatic, antitoxic, and much more.

There is a vast range of techniques for using essential oils for healing purposes, including inhalation, external application, suppositories, and oral ingestion. Their small molecular size was quickly absorbed. When the mash-up is more than the total of the parts, there is a combined effect.

Blending two or more essential oils generates a compound that varies from any of the vital parts, and these blends can be robust and specific. As a result, a mixture can enhance potency without enhancing the dosage.

Remember that proportions should be correct in mixing essential oils, and sometimes it’s important to prepare extra in volume. Initially, required so that the oil components could be incorporated into the full in proper proportions.

Necessary Procedure for Blending Essential oils

Mixing Essential oils is a worthwhile activity. However, before we jump into the mystery of blending essential oils, it is good to know how to select your essential oils.

Because when you apply an essential oil, you are not just generating a pleasant aroma; you influence your body chemistry. How do you know which is best for your standard with such countless essential oils to select from?

Try to ask yourself these questions:

● What advantages am I seeking?

● What aroma do I love?

Each oil has its specific spectrum of wellness advantages and makes sure to research any oil specifications to see which ones fit your requirements.

The necessary blending tools you will need for mixing essential oils include

● Glass bottle

● Droppers

● Tester Strips

● Label/Stickers

● A marker

● Gloves

For Selecting Essential oil, keep in mind the following

● Do some research

● Read the label instructions carefully.

● Do a smell test

● Select a starter kit

● Essential Oil Notes

Essential oils are available in three main notes.

● Top (mild, short fragrance, lighter intensity)

● Middle (soft scent, provide a base for the other two notes)

● Base (Stronger, sturdy, long-lasting)

The target is to balance these three notes. Of course, they won’t be in uniform proportion, but they will operate together to initiate the beneficial effect.

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Ready to Mix Essential oils

There is no doubt that blending essential oil is an art; in a carefully calculated and quantified essential oil blending, a synergistic result occurs, making the final results more than the parts’ sum.

● Choose one essential oil from each category, base, middle, and top note oil.

● To produce a balanced blending, we add 20% dilution. This will provide the best scent without being overly firm.

● Always start with a small quantity. Use one drop of the base note, three drops of the top note, and one drop of carrier oil to dilute 20%. Keep in mind four parts of carrier oil and one part of essential oil.

● Label your bottle and place it in a cool, dark place.

Just a few of Base note essential oil

● Benzoin

● Vetiver

● Patchouli

● Virginia Cedarwood

● Some Middle note Essential oils

● Rosemary

● Palo Santo

● Ho wood

● Cinnamon leaf

● Some Top Note Essential oils

● Sweet Orange

● Lavender

● Juniper Berry

● Bergamot

Be Careful About Safety

Essential oils are thick. Their secure application needs them to be medicated with respect & care. The enjoyer should be well informed about the actions and effects before any application. For a particular application, drops are enough than ounces.

Here are some safety tips for using essential oils

● Never apply essential oils complete strength form on the skin

● Always remember that absorption is expanded on injured skin

● Check diluted essential oils on the direct part before applying

● Consult with your doctor before using essential oils if nursing, pregnant, or suffering from any health issue

● Always purchase pure essential oils.

● Carefully read instructions provided by manufacturers.

● Keep essential oils away from kids and pets.

● Always do a little patch test before use.

● Do not sniff directly.


This article aims to help you appreciate through a basic understanding of blending or mixing essential oils. Blending essential oils is using naturally extracted essences of aromatic plants to boost the health and protection of your body, mind, and emotions.

We live in an enlightening and exciting period; the future of essential oils is promising, indeed, if we accept traditional aromatic wisdom in the brightness of contemporary understanding.

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